Life Assurances

It’s important to protect you and your family against life’s uncertainties through insurance schemes such as a Life Assurance policy.

Life Assurance is also known as life insurance, mortgage protection, term assurance, life cover, death cover, family cover, funeral cover or even a death policy!

These may not be subjects any of us like to discuss but this type of protection will give you peace of mind, should the worst happen. It can be hard enough dealing with the loss of a loved one but you don’t want the added stress of extra financial worries.

Many people are under the misconception that a Life Assurance policy is only for people with families or mortgages to protect.  The reality is that more and more single people are now taking out low level cover to ensure their parents or partner are left without any debt should the worst happen.  A Life Assurance policy also benefits from tax relief.

Life Assurance Options

Most people take out a life assurance policy to protect their mortgage but they don’t review the policy regularly.   At Carter Lee, not only will we ensure you get the best policy to match your needs and life plans but we will provide you with regular updates and recommend any adjustments for long term benefits.

It’s important to recognise that these policies are not driven by price alone.  We always check the financial strength of the insurance company as well as looking at their paid claims history.

Through our extensive knowledge of the markets and our relationship with insurance providers, we are always able to find the right cover for your circumstances at the most competitive price.

For more information about Life Assurance policy options, call Carter Lee on 01792 416260 or email us with your specific enquiry at


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