Income Protection Stats

1 in 4 people successfully claim on Income Protection in the UK.


Some providers offer Fracture Cover for free or for a small fee. See our guide. *This can even cover dangerous contact sports like MMA, Rugby, Motocross and more.

hospitilisation benefit

Some providers will pay up to £100 per night for staying in Hospital *Usually after 7 days, in addition to paying your Income Protection Claim.

Why is income protection important?

Income Protection is important because there are not many ways to cover your Income in the event of being struck down with an illness or injury. In some cases Employers will cover you for so long but what are your plans after that?

In the UK, Income Protection is the only way to protect up to 65-70% of your Income on a monthly basis.

Literally all you need is a Doctors note to show that you are off work and your Income will be paid. Most providers even offer rehabilitation to get you back to work sooner than expected.

What are your options otherwise?

Bank Of Mum & Dad

Yes… believe it or not Bank of Mum & Dad is one of the most popular answers when the British Public are asked what are there options in the event of sickness or injury.

Whether you believe this is morally right or not, some people just don’t want to go down this route and would rather take out Income Protection as peace of mind.

Work place Sick Pay & Insurances

Being self employed myself, I am extremely jealous. However, it is important to point out, most work place sick pay come to an end. *It’s very rare they don’t.

In cases like this, it is important to make sure you are still covered for the long term illnesses. It’s all good having sick pay for 9-12 months but if it’s ‘The Big C’, a life long injury, what are your plans after that?

There is also the added benefit that you will pay for less in premiums for a policy that has an extended ‘deferred period’ (takes longer before it needs to kick in/be claimed)


With savings, it all depends on what you are prepared to save and whether you want to use your hard earned cash.

The easiest way to break this down is with simple maths.

If you pay an example premium of £15 per month for ten years before you make your claim. You will have spent just £1,800. At the point of claim your example monthly benefit is £1,200 per month for a whole year (£14,400 claim).

Meaning instead of having to save up or use a large chunk of existing savings, you can spend next to nothing and receive at as part of your Insurance claim instead.

Not so bad is it?


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